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Go through these great tips about garage door repairs and explore how you can maintain them in excellent condition.

Teach your children

There is a need for a garage door repair because kids tend to destroy them. If not with the garage door, they play with the remote control. According to experts at Garage Door Woodland, disciplining them and telling them what not to do is a must.

Checking the reversing mechanism

An important feature of the garage door is the opener. It should have an automatic reversing mechanism if something blocks its way. You can use a towel to block the door. If it doesn’t reverse automatically, there is a need for garage door repair. 

Listen for irregular sounds

If you hear sounds coming from your garage door when it moves, then it might need to be lubricated or there might be rust on the hinges or along the tracks. A smooth moving garage door should not make too much noise. If you hear loud squeaks, check the moving parts.

Before deciding for garage door replacement

When you are planning to replace the existing door, it would be very helpful to consider the conditions of all the other garage door parts. Old door types tend to be weak or not strong enough to handle the weight of the new door. It is therefore best to thoroughly check all the parts like hinges, springs, etc.

Tips to stop your doors from squeaking

Take a look at your garage door springs. If the springs are rusty or dirty, this will cause them to squeak. Try placing lubricant on them as this will lessen the noise. Always make sure that an oiled rag is near the garage doors. That way you can always keep the parts well oiled.

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