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How to Choose Garage Doors

11/28/2014 Back To Blog

No one doubts the importance of garage doors to the overall aesthetics of the house. Though, their initial and prime purpose is to reinforce the security of the property. The movement of the door must ensure the safety of the people. If these requirements are not met, the investment is not good and nobody wants to make a mistake when it comes to such expensive and significant products. So, your priority should be on the technical characteristics of the garage system.


Make the technical characteristics your priority


When you're wondering whether to install windows or not, try to think out of the box for a minute and apart from thinking of the aesthetical part of such a decision, also think if it's wise. Do you live in a dangerous neighborhood? Is it a hurricane prone region? Even if you decide that it's perfectly safe to install windows, think of their position. Is it wise to install them at the bottom parts of the overhead door? Wouldn't it be more secure to have them placed at the upper parts? What about the glass panel? There are options among tinted and safety glasses, too.


Choosing the right material needs consideration. Is your area high moisture? Do you need an insulated door? How strong should it be? Aluminum, for example, is not the right material for windy areas and regions where strong garage doors are a must. Wood is heavy and steel is stronger. Though, what number gauge steel will you choose? If you want a single panel strong door, make sure it's of 24-gauge steel. If you want glass doors or plenty of windows, make sure the frames are made of aluminum since it's resilient to elements.


It's definitely important to take into account the current garage door parts. Rusty ones ought to be changed and the whole system must be tuned up but this isn't enough. When you replace the door or get a new whole system from scratch, choosing the right components is of the utmost importance. You need to make sure the right overhead door springs will be selected since they're the prime parts, which ensure the movement of the door. Check out the size and materials of all parts and be sure that the horsepower of the garage door motors suffices for the needs of the door. Most definitely, giving emphasis on the safety features of the opener should be your priority.


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