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Residential Garage Repair

Residential Garage RepairRepair of a residential garage is required when one of its structural components is damaged and/or malfunctioning. The component which is most prone to damage is the garage door. This is because it is an active system which functions every day. Additionally, it is directly exposed to damaging environmental effects.

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The type of residential garage door repair which is provided depends on the problem and its cause. Broken and severely damaged panels and windows are replaced. The same applies to broken garage door parts including springs, cables, rollers and hinges. Rust is a common issue affecting the metal components of residential garage doors. It is removed with the use of a solvent and steel wool, if needed. The cleaned moving metal parts require lubrication while the cleaned panels have to be protected with water-resistant paint or rust. The most common garage door opener repairs include cleaning and lubrication of the metal drive, broken gear replacement and damaged circuit board replacement.

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